European Left Summer University 2014

SU_2014_01The summer university of the European Left Party will be held in Werbellinsee, north of Berlin, on 23-27 July, hosted by Die Linke.

A number of Left Forum members attended the summer university in Portugal last summer and found the experience extremely motivating.

This year, to facilitate the registration process, it makes logistical sense to register as a group under the ‘Left Forum’ banner. If members or supporters of Left Forum are interested in attending the summer university please let me know before this Thursday evening, 29 May, so that the necessary registration forms can be submitted together en bloc.

Details of the summer university can be found here:

Please note that attending the summer university as ‘Left Forum’ is not a statement of intent in terms of affiliation to the European Left Party. This is a purely administrative short cut to make life easier for any individuals who wish to attend, as the summer university is not really set up to cater efficiently with individual attendees, although this is possible, as was discovered during last year’s university in Portugal.

If you wish to attend under the umbrella of Left Forum, please download the registration form ( and send the completed form in a return email to me at the above address. No payment is necessary at this time. I will collect the registration fee in due course and make the bulk payment to the summer university organisers once the registrations have been approved by them.

Apologies for the short notice but the deadline for registration is Friday 30 May, so we will need to act quickly to make the block registration.


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