Open Letter Regarding EU election

The Left Forum are putting this letter here as it seeks greater cooperation on the left. The statement is not endorsed by the Left Forum, though individual members may sign. If you would like your name included you can put it in a comment.

Statement follows.

People Before Profit and the Socialist Workers Party have decided to run Cllr Brid Smith as a candidate for the European Parliament in 2014, significantly reducing the chances of Paul Murphy retaining the seat.

Members of the SWP have argued that there is no intention to damage Murphy’s prospects and that this will result in an increase of the Left vote. We, however, believe it will deprive the Left of a National and European platform for challenging austerity.

We have endured five years of extremely harsh attacks on public services, pensions and pay. The credibility and legitimacy of the mainstream parties has plummeted, leaving significant space for the Left to advance its criticisms and its alternative. It is an historic opportunity and, because of the real hardship that is being inflicted upon the population, an historic responsibility.

Instead of responding to this challenge, however, the Left has turned its fire inwards, and has allowed infighting to destroy joint campaigns and the electoral coalition of the ULA. This behaviour is foolish and irresponsible and will only hamper the development of a broad and powerful anti-austerity movement.

The undersigned call for the Left parties to negotiate a non-aggression pact in the coming European and local elections and to maintain this for the General Election.

Gavin Mendel-Gleason
Dara McHugh
John Meehan
Helena Sheehan
Alan Myler
Donal Higgins
Pamela Rochford
Niall Dunne
Micheal O’Flynn
Rob Galligan
Deirdre Murphy
Rose Anne Murphy
Henry Silke
Joanne Pender
Donagh Davis
James Flynn
Catie Murphy
Raymond Deane
Ronan Burtenshaw
Joe Loughnane
Jim Monaghan
Gerard Madden
Sean Lowde
Brendan Young
Jake James Cullen
David Landy
Justin Byrne
Michael Craig
Kim Williams
Eoin O’Mahony
Roy Johnston



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5 responses to “Open Letter Regarding EU election

  1. Justin Byrne

    Please add my name to the list.

  2. Kim Williams

    Please add my name.

  3. michael craig

    Please also add me to the list.

  4. Sorry I did not see this earlier; please add my name to the list

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